8. JUnit Integration

Sureassert Exemplars can be used to replace a large percentage of traditional coded unit-tests with more concise declarative information that is used by Sureassert to generate and execute your unit tests automatically. However, in most non-trivial projects there will remain unit test scenarios that cannot be captured using Exemplars. There are two options: explicitly associate your classes with their test classes, or automatically execute all JUnits, except for those marked as exempt. This section explains how to integrate JUnit tests into the Sureassert execution engine using either method.

A note of caution: Sureassert UC was not designed to manage integration tests within its testing context. Whether this is feasible for you depends on the complexity and efficiency of your integration tests. If they are long-running, the Sureassert testing context will likely get bogged down with a queue of changes waiting to be tested.

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