1.2. Continuous Unit Testing

Continuous Unit Testing means executing unit tests as soon as the code they test changes. The Sureassert UC Engine enables continuous unit testing of both Exemplars and JUnit tests; in fact it can be used with traditional projects for intelligent continuous JUnit execution within Eclipse, disregarding Exemplars entirely.

A crucial requirement of continuous testing is the ability to effectively determine what code a given test depends on in real-time. So if myTest executes Foo.methodA which calls Bar.methodB which gets the value of static field Utils.fieldC, and I then change the value of Utils.fieldC, myTest should be re-executed to ensure it still passes. And perhaps some other Exemplar that depends upon Utils.fieldC will be executed too. The Sureassert UC Engine satisfies this requirement.

Continuous unit testing means you never really need to run any unit tests, just like you never run the compiler when you’re developing code. Tests are executed at the same time your code is compiled by your IDE (whenever you save any changes), and errors are reported in the same way. This means you find bugs sooner, which saves you time and reduces debugging effort.

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