Sureassert UC ships with 2 small tutorial projects.  The best way of becoming aquainted with the tool is to import these projects into your workspace and take a look at the tutorial comments in the source.  The Sureassert UC tutorial projects require no additional dependencies.

Download the tutorial projects with the annotations distribution package from here.  You will first need to install the Sureassert UC Engine into your Eclipse IDE.

Once the tutorial projects are imported and you’ve installed the UC Engine plug-in, you can activate Sureassert UC for the projects by right-clicking the project name -> Sureassert UC -> Enable.  You should also ensure Build Automatically is enabled in the Eclipse Project menu drop-down.

Tutorial 101

Tutorial project sauc-tutorial-101 introduces the basic concepts.

Phone Shop

Tutorial project sauc-tutorial-phoneshop is a small mock phone shop application for managing and pricing mobile phones and handsets.  It demonstrates many of the features of Sureassert UC.

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