Sureassert UC comprises:

  • The UC Engine for Eclipse
  • The open-source distributable package (annotations JAR and tutorial projects)

Both packages are freely downloadable, feature complete and can be used to develop your personal or commercial applications.  See the Licensing page for more details.


Eclipse UC Engine Installation Instructions

If using Eclipse 3.7 or higher you can install the Sureassert Eclpse engine by dragging the install button below into the command bar of your running Eclipse instance, or search for Sureassert in Help->Eclipse Marketplace.


  1. Eclipse 3.4 or later is supported.  Within Eclipse, choose to install new software (Help -> Install New Software…), or on older versions Help->Software Updates
  2. Enter the Sureassert UC Update Site URL below (on older versions, press Add Site):
  3. Enable checkbox “Contact all update sites during install to find required software”
  4. Select the checkbox “Sureassert UC Updates”, press Next and continue pressing Next/Finish through the following dialogs to complete the install.
  5. Finally, when prompted you will need to restart Eclipse.

Alternatively you can download and unzip a local copy of the Sureassert update site from here if your Eclipse instance has no internet access. If using the local update site note that Sureassert has dependencies on Eclipse JDT and PDE; for Sureassert to function fully you will need a local Eclipse build containing these plugins if you cannot reach the standard Eclipse update sites.

For old (pre-v2.0.0) versions of Sureassert UC, use:


Distributable Package Instructions

Download the distributable package zip from here and unzip.


Getting Started

  1. Follow the tutorial instructions to get a basic understanding of the tool.
  2. Read the tutorial comments in the Java source and experiment.
  3. Try adding Exemplars to your own methods in a test project:
    Add org.sureassert.uc.annotation-<ver>.jar to your project’s build path.
    Enable Sureassert UC on it (right-click project in Package Explorer -> Sureassert UC -> Enable).
    Check Project -> Build Automatically is enabled.
    Use Ctrl+\ to quickly add empty Exemplars for your methods.
    Hit Ctrl+S to save your changes and trigger a build.
  4. Read the Javadoc for the Exemplar annotation for reference material on Exemplar parameters and SIN expressions.


One last thing…

If you find Sureassert UC useful, we ask only that you:

  • Spread the word – the more people use Sureassert UC, the better it will get and the larger your support network will become.
  • Say thanks and help keep the community alive by making a donation.

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