An integrated Java unit testing solution for Eclipse

Sureassert UC for Eclipse offers:

Our driving principal is to provide the tooling required to maximize the benefits of both Contract-First Design and Test Driven Development.  Sureassert UC amalgamates these concepts by treating unit tests as part of the declared contract of every method and running them automatically.  Sureassert Exemplars offer true unit testing capability by isolating the functionality of a single method and enforcing its contract.  The tool also provides integration with JUnit, allowing bespoke (coded) tests to be run within the Sureassert testing context; leveraging the tool’s stubbing, coverage reporting and automated execution capabilities.

Sureassert UC is unique in providing these features with no coding required: no API, configuration files or scripts.  The UC engine generates and executes tests and stubbed code based on the suite of class, method and field-level annotations provided by the tool.  It does this totally automatically by plugging into the Eclipse incremental build process.

Software constructed using Sureassert UC benefits from:

  • Increased quality driven by facilitating a more methodical contract-first approach, and enforcement of contracts and coverage thresholds during development, in real-time
  • Reduced time to market resulting from less time writing test code, integrated stubbing and reduced overhead of design for testability
  • Simplification – no configuration files, APIs or test classes… using Sureassert UC is easy!

The Sureassert UC Eclipse Engine is available feature-complete for free download and is compatible with Eclipse versions 3.4 and above.

It is totally free of charge for developing your personal or commercial applications.  Users may use the forums on this site to discuss techniques and request community support.

If you find Sureassert UC useful, we ask only 2 things:

  • Spread the word – the more people use Sureassert UC, the better it will get and the larger your support network will become.
  • Say thanks and help keep the community alive by making a donation.

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